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Sports medicine

Sports medicine specialties


It is used to assess the physical capacity of both healthy people and those affected by cardiovascular diseases.


Diagnose and treat degenerative diseases or diseases resulting from work or sports practice.


Our specialist in sports medicine performs complete examinations and health checks.

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Stress tests at ProActitud (in spanish)

Cinta para correr en pruebas de esfuerzo en Valladolid

Stress tests

Performed by our sports medicine specialist Dr. Jesús Losa López.

Why perform a stress test?

It is a tool widely used in sports medicine because it allows us to assess the physical capacity of both healthy users and those with cardiovascular pathology. It also allows us to detect possible cardiac abnormalities in asymptomatic people or those with mild symptoms.

On the other hand, it allows us to know other values:

  • Maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max): This variable allows us to plan aerobic training individually according to heart rate zones, either for users with pathology or high performance users.
  • Heart rate zones
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Obtaining metabolic values that allow us to evaluate cardiac output, to know our carbohydrate and fat intake and to establish a specific nutritional plan.
Prueba de esfuerzo ciclismo en clínica en Valladolid

But why do I want to know if my cardiovascular capacity is optimal?

Different studies have shown that poor physical condition has a direct influence on the appearance of cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal and psychological pathologies, among others.

That is why, from our centre, we recommend our users to do regular and monitored physical activity in order to improve their quality of life. If you want to start improving your lifestyle, contact us.

Those users who require supervision for physical activity can start a therapeutic exercise program with us on an individual basis.

For more information contact us by email or call us on 983 354 188.

Diagnostic and interventional ultrasound

It treats all diseases related to our muscles, bones and joints, related to degenerative diseases (such as osteoarthritis) or derived from sports or work.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound allows our Specialist Sports Medicine Doctor to make a very precise diagnosis of the patient’s situation, as well as to establish a treatment that is often carried out in an ultrasound-guided manner to locally introduce anti-inflammatory products, such as corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid, or to carry out regenerative medicine such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Ecografía en medicina deportiva Valladolid
Instalaciones de reconocimiento clínica Proactitud

Medical examinations

The medical examinations for sports aptitude, carried out at Clínica ProActitud, are carried out by our Specialist in Sports Medicine, and include the performance of a complete Clinical History, a specific medical-sports examination, determination of health variables such as blood pressure, weight and height, and may be associated with a basal ECG, a determination of segmental body composition by Bioimpedanciometry, and a basal or forced spirometry, if medically indicated.

We also carry out health checks associated with ergometry or stress test with oxygen consumption and determination of thresholds.

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